How long is the eiffel tower -

How long is the eiffel tower

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How long is the eiffel tower

How tall is the eiffel tower?

The Eiffel Tower is 324 meters long, and it is considered one of the tallest buildings that humans built, and the construction period of the tower reached approximately 41 years, and was built in 1889 AD, and is located in the French capital, Paris, in the northwest of the park (Champ de Mars), and is considered the most important symbol of The symbols of the capital of France, Paris, and the weight of the Eiffel Tower is about 10.100 tons, and it was made of iron, and it took about two years, two months and five days, and it is interesting information about this tower that it shrinks during the cold weather about 6 inches, and the tower receives almost seven million Someone from around the world every year.

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